The new Experience Pommery : Royal Blue Sky

The creation of the 2st century wich responds to that of Madame Pommery.

While we owe the creation of Brut in 1874 to Pommery, we also owe the creation of Pop in 1999 to it. Hence it is absolutely legitimate for cellar master Thierry Gasco to start working on a more contemporary vision of the tasting of a Pommery champagne. A new universe, open to experiences, ready to choose its consumption habits for this behavior.

Pommery created Royal Blue Sky.

The fruit of a new Exprience Pommery, a traditional champagne-based assemblage, where pinot noir, pinot meunier and chardonnay, blended with the sugar, open up towards a happy moment.An intense savour which will surprise first of all through its richness before freeing an invigorating freshness. Royal Blue Sky has a new nose which evolves towards fruits, travelling and memories.

The sky has no limit.

Sharing the experience in glasses, which are round like Pommery champagne bubbles and in which ice cubes, the number of which you will have chosen, can chink without difficulty. Royal Blue Sky is a new freedom, the freedom of the Pommery spirit, unconventional but genuine.


Exhibition of contemporary art

Expérience Pommery #13 : Gigantesque

Playing with the architecture of this estate, the Gigantesque! exhibition seeks to showcase the excess and extravagance of today’s artists: ideas and research that partake of the colossal, but, at the same time, of the unbelievably tiny, the miniscule. Defying all norms. Out of scale. The gigantesque is the unbridled imagination, the exceeding of all measure.

For the artists, gigantesque is the desire, the new energies, the challenge to create and invent new utopias. Gigantesque, like art and the immensity of the human being.


Henry Vasnier exhibition, l'infinie passion d'un collectionneur

Henry Vasnier, long-time director of the Pommery–Greno house of champagne and a great collector, was one of the figures who determined the story of our city.

In 1907, he bequeathed his incredible collection of some 600 paintings, drawings, engravings, sculptures and objects of art to the City of Reims. Even today, these works comprise the core collection of our Fine Arts museum, illustrating the various artistic movements of the 19 th century. The collection includes works by the greatest artists of the period such as Rousseau, Millet, Corot, Boudin, Gallé and Pissarro. Henry Vasnier also bequeathed 100,000 francs to the city for the installation of his collections.

This exhibition is an opportunity to pay tribute to the benefactor with a reminder of his sensitivity to the art of his time: one that is still present in the Vranken-Pommery Monopole house. Today, the process continues: the champagne house is still committed to bringing contemporary art to the heart of the city through a variety of experiences and as patron to the Fine Arts museum, supporting artwork purchases and exhibition installations.







Sparkling Wine


The abuse of alcohol is dangerous for your health. Consume with moderation.